I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner with more than twenty-five years of experience working with both people and animals.   I am certified in the Usui Reiki Tradition.  Other energy applications which I have been trained in include Magnified Healing, Tong Ren, Dowsing and Qigong Healing.  I presently study Qigong and Tai Chi with Robin Bonazolli. My office is located on my farm, The Haven, in Harvard, Massachusetts where I teach Reiki, Magnified Healing, riding lessons, and also grow herbs to be used in tinctures, salves and teas.  My other work experience includes state and federal environmental work, health and safety compliance in a manufacturing setting and support work in a hospital clinical environment.



An accident is what led me to Reiki.  Years ago, I shattered a bone in my right ankle while walking out in the field where my horses were grazing.  Surgery was required along with a plate and pins - the healing process was long and arduous.  Dealing with medical people was frustrating because I wasn’t healing properly and they weren’t able to say why and eventually they even became defensive about it and questioned whether I was following their orders.  One day a friend visited with her grandfather who did something to my foot that was a form of energy work.  My foot felt much better within hours and although it was temporary relief it piqued my curiosity and I started researching energy healing techniques.  That was when I first heard about Reiki.  After finding a practitioner in the area an appointment was scheduled and that was the start of a life changing experience. 
Arriving at my first treatment using crutches and with my foot swollen and discolored I wasn’t really sure of what to expect.     The treatment itself seemed more relaxing than anything else.  While my eyes were closed, it felt like I was floating and there was a vision of drifting in outer space amongst stars.  It was a dream like experience.    When the treatment was over other than being relaxed it didn’t seem like much had happened.  That night when my husband came home from work he asked how the treatment had gone and would I be going back.  I said that it was a little pricey and although it was relaxing it didn’t seem like the cost of it could be justified.  It was a few hours later he asked me where a book was and without thinking I stood up and walked across the room to retrieve it.  To be truthful it was more like I lurched across the room, but it was without crutches and without excruciating pain.  He looked me straight in the eye and asked when I would be going back for more treatments!    By the time I saw the orthopedic doctor again, several Reiki treatments had been received.  The swelling of the foot and ankle had gone down to normal and the coloration was better.  He was so surprised, the first thing he said was, “What have you been doing?”  I’m not proud of this, but I told him I had done nothing.  I wasn’t going to mention Reiki until my last visit when we were done with each other.  Once the cast was off arrangements were made to take out the plate and pins.  It seemed to be affecting my circulation and the doctor felt I might be allergic to the metal.  On my last very last visit I asked him if he remembered asking me what I had done that was different.  He said that he did.  I asked why he remembered and he shared that I wasn’t healing properly and he didn’t know why or what to do about it.  It had really surprised him when I showed up and the healing was where it should have been and maybe even a little further than normal.  That was when I told him about Reiki and gave him a business card of a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner who could explain in more detail the benefits of Reiki.