Reiki Treatment


What My Clients Are Saying

“I have been having Reiki with Julia Radford for 2 years.  I would say these have been life changing sessions.  Julia's compassion and guidance have helped me beyond our sessions.  You can only benefit from her wisdom and experience.  Being with her makes you feel better and greater.
I highly recommend Julia for someone who is contemplating starting Reiki and is ready to take responsibility for their personal healing and spiritual growth.
I just want to say thank you Julia, and I can't imagine learning from anyone else.”

Ann M, Bolton, MA

“I have been a Reiki master for eight years and recently closed my six-year Reiki practice. After receiving and giving countless treatments, I am extremely careful about who I allow to do energy work on me. Julia Radford is the only Reiki practitioner that I see. She transmits the energy cleanly, lovingly and with exquisite integrity. Her respect for the Reiki energy is deep, and her ego is never a factor in her treatments. Her goal for her clients is to help them reach their highest personal and physical wellbeing. This is coupled with an awareness that the client and the Reiki determine the best outcome; the  practitioner is just the watching conduit. Julia's attentiveness and kindness are extraordinary and I recommend her to all my past clients and to anyone else looking for a Reiki treatment.”

Name Withheld, Harvard, MA

“Julia integrates her marvelous and beneficial Reiki sessions with her spiritual wisdom.
It is a very relaxing, wholesome and healing experience!”

NT, Concord, MA

“My first Reiki treatment from Julia was a distance session because I was feeling too unwell to leave the house. Julia told me exactly when she was going to be starting and advised me to get myself to bed and relax, which I did. During the time of the treatment and afterwards, my body felt warm and relaxed and all of the aches I'd been suffering with were greatly reduced. I also received the 1st Reiki Attunement from Julia, mainly so that I could help myself generate enough warmth to keep me comfortable during the cold New England winters; that alone was INVALUABLE after having spent the bulk of my adult life in the Middle East where my internal thermostat had gotten used to temps of 120 degrees in the shade! Since that first distance healing session with Julia, I have had several more, in person as well as distance, and I can state unequivocally that her professionalism, skill, care, and commitment are evident and helpful whether a treatment is in person or not.”

Susan C, Townsend, MA